Forms, letters and documents

Physical forms

Our practice has a standard physical form that complies with NYSED requirements. This form will be generated at the time of the physical. If your school requires their own form to be filled out and will not accept ours it will be completed within 7 business days.

Medication authorization forms

All other forms and letters should be dropped off or requested in our office with enough time (7-10 business days) to allow for them to be completed. Certain types of letters (IRS, immigration documentation, etc.) are subject to a non-refundable fee payable at the time of the request.

Other forms and letters

Certain conditions such as asthma and food allergies may require medication to be available for administration in school. For this purpose our office has a standardized form that meets NYSED state requirements. For children who are 12 years and older who participate on sports and/or after school activities, the state of NYSED requires a special permission statement that allows the child to self-administer their medication without the need of the school nurse. In order to provide this permission statement the child must be observed self administering the medication by one of our healthcare providers. If your child is going to be in sports and is entering the 7th grade, you must bring the medication device with your child to their office visit in order to allow for this permission to be issued